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Paperless credit

In the loan application process, particularly when applying for a payday loan, you might have to choose between granting lenders access to your bank verification or manually submitting bank statements, but you also need to provide proof of ID and income statements.

Are you looking for quick money financing but you don't have time to gather all the necessary documents requested by financial institutions that provide personal loans? Borrowing without documents sometimes represents the only quick financial solution to remedy an unforeseen event.

At Créditmatik, we want to make your job easier and offer you quick credit solutions between $500 and $1,500 without bank verification. With IBV (Instant Bank Verification), it only takes 2 minutes to apply.

Advantage: compared to traditional loan applications your money today!*

  • 100% Easy, Quick, AutomatiK: It’s a software program that contacts your bank to obtain your account statement. Everything is AutomatiK!
  • 100% Satisfaction: Thousands of satisfied customers have used Instant Bank Verification for borrowing money.
Benefits of instant credit with no documents

Amount needed...

Pay period...

Minimum repayment per pay
CA$117 **
Repayment period: approximately
98 days
Ask for your ease
right now !

** This information is provided to you for illustrative purposes only and considers that the borrowed sums have been repaid in full according to the schedule that has been agreed, without any new withdrawal or re-borrowing having been made before full repayment . The example above includes a weekly membership fee of $ 24.20, which must be paid by the customer until the credit is repaid in full.

Apply online
  • 2 minutes.
  • No documents to print thanks to the instant banking verification!
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  • No credit check.
  • All credit reports accepted, even bad credits**
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  • Today.*
  • Direct deposit in your bank account.

Why chose us?

Bad credit rating accepted!

Unlike other traditional lenders in Canada, we don’t do a credit check. It’s a perfect choice for individuals with imperfect credit histories and looking for alternatives to traditional loans, without the need for bank verification. We don’t leave any trace in your credit report.


Applying for your personal open credit takes only 2 minutes. IBV technology is user-friendly for applicants. They typically only need to grant consent for IBV access, and the technology takes care of the rest. Everything is 100% online.



By eliminating the need for manual document submission and credit checks, Instant Bank Verification significantly expedites the credit approval process. Applicants can receive decisions and access funds much faster than with traditional loan applications.

Money deposited once your application is verified.

You’ll receive your money today! *


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